Broadcasting & Media Group

Broadcasting & Media Group

Broadcasting & Media Group

The Broadcasting and Media Group supports and serves a vibrant sector of audiences from TV to radio to video-on demand. We’re helping UK media evolve to meet the changing needs of viewers and listeners by shifting focus to the growing need for online safety in the UK.
We support in a number of areas.

We support in a number of areas:

Broadcasting License and Programme Operations

We make sure broadcasters continue to provide quality programmes that appeal to the most diverse audiences and support the effective delivery of work across the group..

Content Policy

We help to make sure audiences are well served by the UK broadcasting sector. In a competitive market, we aim to provide a range of broadcast and online content from public service broadcasters like the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5.

Standard and Audience Protection

We are also responsible for setting and enforcing content standards. This important work makes sure audiences across the services we regulate are protected at all times