Corporate Group

Our Corporate group plays a crucial role in helping Ofcom run smoothly. It helps us to support colleagues working in other departments and teams across Ofcom, as well as supporting our continued growth and transformation

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There is a range of roles and opportunities in the Corporate group .

Business Services and Financial Control

The Business Services and Financial Control team is responsible for managing a broad range of financial and related areas. It works closely with colleagues from across the business and our many external stakeholders.

The team’s work includes managing our income and funding requirements, financial reporting and taxation, ensuring the key financial controls across the business are operating effectively, internal and external audit, fixed asset management, payroll and expenses, paying our suppliers, collecting our receipts from stakeholders and managing the cash in our bank accounts. It also supports our defined benefit pension trustees with their work on managing and de-risking these long-term liabilities.

Consumer Contact Team

The Consumer Contact Team (CCT) acts as the eyes and ears of Ofcom. It is the organisation’s frontline support for the people who use the services we regulate and its job is to make sure consumers who contact us receive the best possible service.

The team handles both the phone and written contact from members of the public.

The CCT also helps to deliver Ofcom’s commitment to protect consumers by accurately logging complaints. This helps to inform our current and future regulation, investigations and enforcement. The CCT also supports this by empowering consumers with correct advice in order to resolve their individual disputes.


The Finance team is comprised of Business Planning and Reporting, Commercial, Risk Management, and Business Services and Financial Control. The Business Planning and Reporting team is responsible for financial planning, budgeting, forecasting and management reporting within Ofcom and works alongside the organisation’s group directors and their teams to deliver these.  The team provides the organisation with the support and expertise to plan and forecast project and programme delivery and review the subsequent performance of these. It focuses on expenditure and financial controls, resource allocation and delivering outputs.


The Commercial team sets the procurement strategy for Ofcom and has overall responsibility for all of our supplier spend. It is responsible for designing and implementing appropriate controls, processes, and procedures. The team’s overall objective is to deliver value for money and commercial best practice while ensuring compliance with public procurement law and protecting Ofcom’s reputation

Risk Management

This team is responsible for Ofcom’s Risk Management Framework. It works with our Finance Reporting team, Finance Business Partners and Business Risk Champions to make sure we are aware of all group and strategic risks and can take action on them when needed. The team helps colleagues on matters relating to health and safety and security, and also provides guidance on Ofcom-related insurance matters.


Good, clear communication are at the heart of everything Ofcom does. The Communications team helps us to communicate in the most effective way. The team has three areas of work: External Communications; Internal Communications; and Digital and Creative

Governance and Accountability

Ofcom’s Secretariat function is managed by the Governance and Accountability team, which is part of Corporate Services Group.

It is responsible for managing Ofcom’s governance, including:

  • board and committee membership ;
  • board and committee meetings;
  • freedom of information.
  • data protection;
  • information management;
  • knowledge management;
  • gifts and hospitality;


Ofcom has a statutory duty to take into account the views and interests of those who live in different parts of the UK. Our operations in the nations are led by senior directors in Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast and London. Our national offices can draw on the full resources of the whole organisation to tackle issues that affect one part of the UK. Those operations also make sure the views, needs and special circumstances of the nations receive Ofcom’s attention.

An advisory committee in each nation provides Ofcom with detailed and expert insights into the challenges faced by people in different parts of the UK. National interests are also represented by members of Ofcom’s Content Board and the Communications Consumer Panel.

People and Transformation

The People and Transformation team supports colleagues through their journey at Ofcom – from recruiting them, through carrying out their role, to the moment they head to pastures new.

This includes learning and development, diversity and inclusion and career progression, as well as supporting wellbeing and providing practical information on pay and benefits

Information and Communications Technology

The ICT team performs a key role in helping Ofcom to function effectively. It is responsible for implementing and maintaining technology policies and procedures that govern how technology infrastructure is used – this includes keeping our systems safe.  It also manages our outsourced partners to deliver as a single ICT team to the organisation.  

The ICT team also provides technical support to our colleagues, making sure they have the necessary technology and resources to work efficiently, wherever they are.

Public Policy

The Public Policy team engages with external policy-makers and parliamentarians to explain Ofcom’s work and approach, and how we are helping to tackle some of the big public policy challenges facing the UK.

Its work is very varied – on one hand, the team is there to react to what’s happening in Government and Parliament, engaging on the important policy issues of the moment. And at the same time it is there to help us anticipate issues that might need to be explained or proactively managed in the future. These issues can be hard to predict, but in general they’re usually a new development in a particular area that’s likely to cause controversy and media attention. In those instances, our Public Policy team is brought in as early as possible to help us react in a timely manner.

Data Innovation Hub

This team makes sure we use data in the most effective way – helping us to design, manage, and enable world-class regulatory practice.