What we do

What we do

At Ofcom, we make communications work for everyone

Ofcom’s role is an important and varied one. We make sure people get the best from their broadband, home phone and mobile services, as well as keeping an eye on TV and radio. We also oversee the postal service, and manage the radio spectrum. And soon we’ll be taking on responsibility for making the online world a safer place.

Keeping people safe

We help protect people from unfair treatment and scams. We provide advice and information to thousands of people each year, through our website and call centre. We also register complaints from people and businesses – this helps us to take action against firms when they break our rules. We’re also currently preparing to take on new powers for regulating online safety.


Broadband, phone, and mobile services

We make sure people get the best from their broadband, home phone and mobile services. This includes making sure people have a choice of provider and service, and are treated fairly. We also monitor changes in costs and billing, help to protect people from scams and nuisance calls, and make sure people have access to an internet connection wherever they live.

TV and radio broadcasting

The Broadcasting Code sets out the rules with which TV and radio broadcasters must comply. The code covers things like impartiality, rules around broadcasting during elections and referendums, fairness and privacy, and protecting under-18s. We assess every complaint we receive about TV and radio shows, before deciding if we need to take action Read the full Ofcom Broadcasting Code.


We look after the airwaves used by wireless devices like mobile phones, walkie talkies, and even some car keys and doorbells. Only a limited amount of spectrum is available, so it needs to be managed carefully. Spectrum is also used for lots of different purposes, so it’s our job to help prevent services interfering and causing disruption to people and businesses.

Postal service

We oversee the universal postal service (USO), which means Royal Mail must deliver and collect letters six days a week, and parcels five days a week, at an affordable and uniform price throughout the UK. We monitor Royal Mail’s performance as part of our role in sustaining the USO.


International Work

As communications are increasingly global in nature, we work closely with international institutions and regulators to share knowledge on how our sectors are evolving and how those developments might influence the work we do.