Our locations

Our locations

Our Locations


Our headquarters are in London but we’ve got offices all over the UK. We understand that your working environment is just as important as the location and the people you work with. That’s why all our offices are bright, modern places to work.


We have offices in each of the UK’s nations, as well as our headquarters in London and other sites in England. Our nations offices in Belfast, Cardiff and Edinburgh are led by a dedicated director for each nation. The teams in these locations work to make sure Ofcom is well represented in each nation; and the issues and unique characteristics of each nation are represented in Ofcom. This makes sure our work is targeted, effective and well understood across the whole of the UK.


Our Manchester office celebrated its first anniversary in September 2022 and is growing from strength to strength. We are a team of technologists, data experts, economists, lawyers, online safety policy experts, as well as operations and people professionals. We are currently over 70 strong, with plans to double this over the coming years.
Our office is a state-of-the-art modern building located at Circle Square in the heart of Manchester’s Oxford Road Corridor.

Regional Offices

We also have regional offices in Warrington, and Birmingham and Baldock and Birmingham Spectrum.