Ofcom colleague networks

Ofcom colleague networks

Ofcom colleague networks


We encourage all our colleagues to be actively involved in making Ofcom an inclusive and fantastic place to work. There are many ways that colleagues can play their part.

Affinity Network

Our Affinity Network is here to support, connect and advocate for LGBTQ+ colleagues. Run by both LGBTQ+ colleagues and allies, this network is dedicated to making sure Ofcom employees are comfortable at work, and that Ofcom continues to honour its commitment to creating an LGBTQ+ friendly work environment.

RACE: Raising Awareness of Culture and Ethnicity Network

Our RACE Network represents all colleagues at Ofcom, but particularly those from a minority ethnic background.  This network is a place to discuss and address issues that may affect colleagues from an ethnic minority background as well as promote the principles and practices of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Ofcom Women’s Network

The Ofcom Women’s Network (OWN) aims to serve the collective needs of all women at Ofcom – both transgender and cisgender, as well as non-binary and gender non-confirming colleagues. This network provides a safe space to discuss issues affecting women and non-binary people in the workplace and helps empower women to achieve their full potential.

SOUND Network

Our SOUND Network is here to support colleagues who have direct experience living with a long-term condition, illness or disability, including those who are neurodiverse. This network helps increase our understanding of neurodiversity and disability as an organisation – supporting our wider objectives in our diversity and inclusion strategy, and in our regulatory work.

Parents and Carers Network

Our Parents and Carers network aims to support colleagues with childcare commitments or any other type of caring responsibilities. Sometimes we all need a bit of extra support from someone who understands first-hand what we’re going through. This network is a safe space to share experiences and point people to helpful and relevant resources.

Faith Network

Faith Network is open to people of all faiths who work at Ofcom and to non-religious allies who simply want to learn more in a friendly, respectful environment. We provide a space to talk honestly about faith and belief, as well as the issues affecting us and our communities at Ofcom.

Social Inclusion Group Network

The Social Inclusion Group Network is an interest group for all of our colleagues who care about making Ofcom a fair and equal place to work. We help to make it possible for people from all socio-economic backgrounds to thrive at Ofcom, as well as making sure our work benefits people from different classes and backgrounds.

In addition to our networks, we also have the following support groups:

  • Listening Network – for colleagues who need a non-judgemental chat. We all get a bit low sometimes and an unexpected major life event can catch you off guard too. Sometimes all you need is a friendly ear to talk to.
  • Colleague Forum – the Ofcom Colleague Forum is a group of elected colleagues who meet with senior management on a regular basis to communicate and consult on and about issues affecting colleagues at Ofcom